Siri’s Dog

Does Siri own a big black dog?

Yesterday I met a lovely black dog. His coat was shiny. He had a pristine white chest and his big limpid, brown eyes looked pleadingly at me.

He was delighted to see me drive into the parking lot in my car. Siri had directed me to the Wallarah Gallery near Toukley on the Central Coast. It was in a beautiful position looking out over the wide blue Budgewoi Lake on one side and the equally wide blue Tuggerah Lake on the other side. It looked very inviting but why had Siri directed me there when I was expected at another place? She is normally so reliable. But surely I had not made a mistake, how could I ever make an error? I certainly had not asked her for directions to this Gallery as I did not know it existed!

Oh well, I thought, I will leave this parking area and try to find my destination without her help.

But the lovely dog had other ideas. He did not want me to go. As I turned to leave he stood obstinately in front of the car with his eyes fixed upon me. I backed up to try to go around him but he moved his ground and looked directly at me again, his soft brown eyes fixed upon my yet unlighted head lights. I am sure he had a pleading look on his face.

Siri, by this stage was frantically telling me I had reached my destination. Was this a plot?

I finally lowered my window to talk to the dog and he co-operated in my endeavour by standing on his hind legs against the driver’s door with his front paws on the door and his head in the window. He was keen to have a conversation. I told him to go home, but he clearly wanted to continue this pleasant conversation. Eventually I gave him a little push aside and tried to drive out of the car park but he quickly resumed a position right in front of the moving car. Of course I stopped.

His tail wagged enthusiastically in a “mission accomplished” manner and we resumed the stand off.

Was he in league with Siri in some devilish plan to force me to enter the Gallery?

By this time I knew I would be late for my appointment elsewhere. I started to panic. The dog wagged his tail again in a very friendly fashion and made a little whining noise.

What could I do?

I edged forward again but could not run the risk of injuring him. He did not move.

In annoyance I turned Siri off. She was being no help at all.

Eventually I thought that I had no option but to get out of the car and try to reason with the dog. As I started to get out he became very enthusiastic. He wagged his tail harder. He rushed to the door.

As I stepped out he stopped in his tracks. Disappointment clouded his beautiful brown eyes. His tail went down between his legs. He was the very picture of a shattered dog. He walked away.

I drove off. I found my own way to my destination.

Who did he think I was? Did he think I was Siri because her voice was emanating from my car? What was her plan in sending me to that destination in the first place? Does she drive a black Ford like mine? Was it indeed a cunning plot or just a confusing mistake?

I hope the dog enjoyed the gallery. I hope the busy Siri slipped home to feed him in between her duties directing people. In fact I really hope she did not send me there to feed the dog because she knew she would not get there in time for his dinner. But he looked well fed and well looked after.

I like to think she lives by the Wallarah Gallery, with the lovely dog and they look out over the lakes together. She can relax by the lakes as they have no roads for her to monitor. Sometimes, in summer, they might even have a little swim in one of the lakes. And if he is bored she can send an unwary passer by to talk to him.


About Anne Powles

I am retired from paid employment. During my working life I have been variously and sometimes contemporaneously, wife, mother of four, lawyer, teacher and psychologist. I have also been a serial education junkie. As are we all, I have been an observer of the world around me. Here I have recorded some of my memories, observations and theorisings.
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