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I do not know how many other fish have blogs. But I am not afraid of swimming in uncharted waters. My life has been very interesting so far and I thought I would share it with you.

I cannot remember coming out of my egg. But I remember a lovely leaf I swam out from under. My swimming felt very strange after being in such a small egg but I seemed to stretch out more and more as I kept going.

It was very dark when I hatched out and so I could not see very much but I could hear a few other fish making noises and I did not know what they were saying. Soon a light went on and I looked around and found I was in a very big space. But there was a clear glass wall between me and the space and plenty of water for me to practice my swimming. I ate some lovely flakes which came floating into the water from above. I found I could read a sign backwards. It said “Armidale Pet Shop and Aquarium”. I enjoyed myself there but one by one my friends all left. They were caught in a net and put in a little plastic bag. Where were they going?

One day it happened to me. All of a sudden a big net came down and plucked me out of the water and popped me into a plastic bag and off into the streets of Armidale I went with a nice young lady.

I found out that her name was Jacqueline and that she did not plan to keep me in her house but she wanted to give me to two little boys she sometimes looked after. Their names were Timbie and Jack. I was so excited!

That afternoon I went with her to Timbie and Jack’s house. It was a lovely house in Armidale and they looked after me very well. They called me Jacquie after the nice young lady. I ate delicious food and started to grow bigger in my new home. The only trouble was that Armidale was quite a cold place and sometimes the water was a little cold in winter if the fire was not on. I lived there for more than a year.

But there were changes. One day Timbie and Jack’s mum popped me and my tank into her car.
We went on a very long drive. At the end of this journey  to the Central Coast of NSW guess who met me? It was Timbie and Jack (and their dad). They were staying with their grandma. When I got out of the car their mum and dad decided I might like a turn in the outdoor pond in their grandma’s  yard.

It was like heaven, it had lots of room to swim, lots of weeds to hide under, plenty of visiting frogs and tadpoles and plenty of rocky crannies. There was lots of food and I grew bigger and bigger. Jack and Timbie often visited from their new home in Terrigal. The dogs often dipped their feet in the pool to cool off. It was fun. I lived there happily, growing very big, for almost a whole year.

But then the disasters started. First we had a huge hailstorm. My pool was covered completely by hail. Timbie and Jack’s grandma scooped a lot of it out so that I could get some fresh air. But it was almost as cold as Armidale! There was some hail damage to the house too, but not to my pond. I was very pleased.

The weather grew warmer, summer came, the frogs croaked happily and I swam all around enjoying myself.

One day some men, with big scaffolding came to work to repair the roof of the house that the hail had damaged. Some of the scaffolding was right over my pool and I could watch all the interesting things the men were doing with their wood and nails. Then BANG! Down fell a big slab of wood! Phew, it missed me by one of my whiskers. What a relief!

I swam around happily then I felt the water gradually getting shallower and shallower! What was happening? What could I do?

Soon I was lying on my side gasping for oxygen, which I can only get from the water. I cannot breathe it from the air. This is the end of Jaquie the fish, I thought. My friends the frogs quietly hopped away. Then I felt a big builder’s hand as he leant over to pick me up. (Timbie and Jack’s hands were always much smaller and softer.) “What’s happened here?” the builder called to the others. “Our wood has made a big hole in this fish pond. The fish is stranded with no water.” They quickly put me in a very little pool through which water could cascade to the big pool below. I felt some water on me. They pored a bit more into this little pond. I slowly began to get oxygen again. I was still alive.

Timbie and Jack came to visit me in the little pool. They were proud of the way I had so bravely survived the disaster.

It felt that I was a long time in this little pool. There was not very much room and not quite as much food. But I could make do. Then one day Timbie and Jack’s grandma came out with a jug. I dodged and raced around the pool as fast as I could in such a small space but eventually she caught me. What was going to happen now? What further disasters were before me?

Whoosh! Where was I? In strange bigger water? No it was my old pool all fixed. There was no more hole. I swam as fast as I could all around. Home at last!

That night my friends the frogs came back. They told me they had moved to a nearby drain with water in it. As soon as they saw the pond was mended they could not wait to come back. They were pleased to see me. I had a very big feed. Some fresh rain poured into the pond. I am happy again.

This morning Timbie and Jack’s grandmother tried to take a picture of me in the pond. Every time she clicked the button I dived to the bottom. The pond is my secret place. I do not want to be in a photo.

I hope that is the end of any horrible adventures. But if I have any exciting adventures I will write some more on my blog page.

Goodnight Timbie and Jack.




About Anne Powles

I am retired from paid employment. During my working life I have been variously and sometimes contemporaneously, wife, mother of four, lawyer, teacher and psychologist. I have also been a serial education junkie. As are we all, I have been an observer of the world around me. Here I have recorded some of my memories, observations and theorisings.
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